About us

FlyMessybrand and CountyBoyzClub are two dynamic Clothing brand inspired by a Young entrepreneur with creative dreams and abilities, nurtured to maturity and now exploring several styles and form of trending fashion designer brands. A vibrant designs team with up-to-date technique and fashion sense ready to meet all demands. Goals of this brand is to give clients and customers beautiful, funny, peaceful and lovely designs, also doing it on a fly and messy way that is the idea behind the name FLY MESSY. The dream of these brand would be to help with education opportunities and kids to stay in school. 

At FlyMessybrand and CountyBoyzClub we offer quality services and designs at very affordable price, tailoring customer needs and "clients desires," to your particular requirements. Our competent creative designers are up to the task innovating and creating outstanding stylish trendy clothing and accessories. Our demand to satisfy our client's cut across the United States and the world at large. Our aim is to make you comfortable and at the same time express your creativity, have a pleasant lifestyle with us, staying connected with the latest trend and updates. FlyMessybrand and CountyboyzClub work to give classic, casual, top-notch, comfortable and trendy designs. Our designs relate to the youth casuals and all works of life while optimizing freedom of stylish expressions as desired without limits. Our services delivered cannot be measured by the price offered to our customer, meaning you get more for a lesser price. FlyMessyBrand and CountyboyzClub unique quality, distinguishing itself from all others, its ability to produce quality "designers," products. All thanks to the vision and dreams of a father, a designer, and founder for FlyMessybrand and CountyboyzClub.